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Hilton Miller began painting in the early 1970s after walking away from a growing academic career as a statistician at Cambridge and Birkbeck College at the University of London. He had been highly regarded for coming up with significant unsolved mathematical “pearls” and solutions. He left to become a consultant statistician and began drawing and painting. As his interest grew, he began to work part-time to enable him to devote himself to painting. His approach to art mirrored the purity of his understanding of mathematics, not seeking a ‘career’ which he felt would disturb and interfere with the crucible of true discovery in the studio, but to work with reserved and persistent dedication towards silent painted solutions. After 40 years painting, his first public exhibition was held in 2011, a year before he died. (more)


Irish Museum of Modern Art: Nov 19th 2015 - April 3rd 2016
Nick Miller and the studio of Edward McGuire: Includes: Hilton Miller : Colour schemas & colour wheel


Hilton Miller, Renata Mooney, Benita Stoney, Zofia Malanowska

3 May to 15 June, 2013

The Dock: Carrick-on-Shannon, County Leitrim. Ireland

Emerging Artists
The Dock

Irish Times 27/5/13 (online)